Customer Development, Sales & Telemarketing Service

We offer a service that provides trained people to work on behalf of a company to either make contact with current and / or potential customers. We can also provide a service as a virtual office assistant.

This can work in many different situations and the easiest way to find out if we are a fit for what you are looking for would be to make contact and talk to us about our services.

Listed below are situations when you might use our service:

  • Your company has a database of customers that you are already dealing with.  They in general make contact with you and you would like to contact them on a regular basis to build relationships and create new business.
  • New Product or Service Launch.
  • To implement a marketing strategy and cold call to grow your customer base.
  • Let us implement a mail out campaign and initiate a follow up call to measure the response and set up new business.
  • You have appointments to be made and you do not have the time to do so.
  • You are finding that you are spending more time on the paperwork rather than spending the time in your specialized field.

Listed below are some questions that we are often asked:

What is telemarketing and / or a telemarketer?

A salesperson, who manages current customers, builds relationships with customers and creates new business by phone.

Our telemarketers are salespeople specifically trained to engage with people in away that takes care of their needs at the same time as looking for the opportunity to promote and sell products and services. It is all about knowing how to create the need and when to invite the person you are talking too, if they would like to purchase or place an order.

We are also known as a virtual personal assistant (VPA) with a sales bias looking for the opportunity to grow the relationship or business with existing clients and / or potential new clients

How does it work?

The telemarketer or VPA is contracted by Relate to either work from home.  They access Relate's phone and database systems to manage the work. 

Relate invoices the company / client that we are working for and Relate then pays the contractors. Payment is required within 5 days of invoice unless otherwise agreed prior to the contract starting.  Relate or our clients are NOT accountable for any ACC, PAYE, SICK DAYS or HOLIDAY PAY.  We are contractors.     

What are the minimum hours I can contract a telemarketers / VPA?

Everything is negotiable and depends on your need; we currently have clients that contract us for as little as 5 hours per fornight, to clients that have one, two, three ...  telemarketers working to fulfil on their requirements.

Where are you and your team based?

Our team in general work from home and we currently have contractors in Auckland, Waikato, Bay Of Plenty, and the Central North Island. However if you are wanting someone in a specific location we will do our best to provide this. 

We are currently working in New Zealand & Australia

To find out more contact:

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