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Communication that will have you be the difference.

Relate Services

Relate Communications has for many years believed in the value of talking to people and we know this can open doors for many businesses. This continues to be true to this very day, as a phone call offers that "Personal" touch that other mediums cannot emulate. People still like talking to people! Most of our work is in the business to business area in developing new clients and managing their customer database however we are also known for working in the background supporting many different industries, community organisations etc with market research and surveys.
We pride ourselves on being part of your company  or team and we often describe ourselves as the hidden part of your business as when we contact your client or potential client, we are you, not an outsourced entity.

As our motto says "Communication that will have YOU be the difference"

We believe that all businesses need to have a mix of current and new clients to grow. A big part of our service is creating this flow of new customers and creating those contacts will flow into new business. As part of our service will can discuss with you how to formulate who is your target market and with this knowledge create a plan to show case your targeted services.

Another part of our services entails us contacting your existing base of customers. As a business once we have a customer we can think that they will return without any input from us. Yes that works for some customers but we see time and time again that unless you remind your customers of your business they will buy from whomever is at the forefront of their thoughts. That personal touch of a phone call is all that it takes and it tells your customer that they are important to you. These calls can stimulate sales and we are always amazed at the results from a friendly reminder phone call.

As part of our philosophy, when you contract Relate Communications you will have access to the telemarketer who will undertake your contract, so you know who is making the calls. When we have multiple people working your contract then a team leader is appointed and you will in the main deal with them. This is at all times with the involvement of Denise and/or senior people in the company. As you work with us you will see that our systems are open and transparent to all involved and are monitored closely.