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Lead Generation, Customer Development, New Business Development, Appointment Setting.....

Relate Communications offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to improve customer relationships and drive business success. 

We are here to work through your needs, listening from our years of hands on knowledge and experience. 

We also have the ability to supply databases for a campaign that you may want to initiate either in New Zealand or Australia and welcome inquiries

Telemarketing works in many different situations and the easiest way to find out how and what you are looking for and if we can support in that, is to make contact and sechule time to us about our services. 

We are contracted to your company so can offer a flexible service with hours to suit your needs.

Below are situations where you might use our Lead Generation services:

  • Your company has a database of customers that you are already dealing with.  They in general make contact with you but you would like to contact them on a regular basis to build relationships and create new business.
    One piece of knowledge we pass on to clients is that having an up to date database and contacting these clients regulary will have them think of your company first. It also makes it more likely that sales will increase through regular contact. Research has shown that it is much easier to sell to a current client as they know you and your company and there is a relationship already existing.

  • New Product or Service Launch.

  • To implement a marketing strategy and cold call to grow your customer base.
    Cold calling is at the front of our business services. A voice on the phone leads to putting your company at the forefront of a companies thoughts and is a start to building a business relationship.

  • You have appointments to be made and you do not have the time to do so.
    We believe that your time is important and that you should do what you are good at. When it comes to sales, get your sales people out there making sales, not making appointments.

  • You are finding that you are spending more time on the phones rather than spending the time in your specialized field.
    If this is something you are finding, we are trained to be on the phones, creating leads, speaking to people. Yes we can help to free you from this.

Listed below are some questions that we are often asked:

Why telemarketing ?
Telemarketing is a type of marketing strategy where companies reach out to other businesses via phone calls to promote their products or services. The purpose of these calls is to establish a connection with the decision-makers within the targeted business and to identify potential business opportunities. We engage in conversations with individuals who are responsible for making purchasing decisions on behalf of the organization. Through these conversations, we aim to highlight the benefits of the clients products or services and to persuade the other business to enter into a business relationship. Overall, B2B telemarketing is a proactive approach to reaching out to potential clients and building lasting business relationships. 

Our team are specifically trained to engage with people in a way that takes care of their needs at the same time as looking for the opportunity to promote and sell your products and services. It is all about knowing how to create the need.

How does it work?
At first we offer a free consultation to ascertain what your actual requirements are and during this meeting we formulate a plan to achieve your goals. We clearly set out what we can do, when we can do it and what you can expect from us. Each client is assigned a lead telemarketer who will not only do the calling but will be your first point of contact and they will also be in regular contact with you. We believe that the personal touch with our clients builds great relationships which flow onto building great relationships with your clients.

What are the minimum hours I can contract Relate Communications?
Everything is discussed with the client and a plan can be implemented depending on your needs. We currently have regular clients that contract us for as little as 5 hours per week, to clients that have one, two, three ...  of our team working to fulfil on their requirements. 

We do however believe that 1 or 2 hours here and there generally does not work and that a continuity of telemarketing will create a positive result. This is especially true with a new campaign and we would suggest that a minimum of 15 to 20 hours per week for a period of 3 months allows for relationships to be built, business to be developed and to achieve a representation of results.

What we have found, as part of your market strategy, to build your brand, consistently be meeting new potential business partners and be remembered in the marketplace, we recommend you set a budget that allows you to continue marketing throughout the year.