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Training & Development

Sharing our experience through Training and Development.

Although we can approach telemarketing in a cost effective manner for you, if you wish to do this in-house but need some guidance and advice then talk to Denise. With her wealth of knowledge and experience, having Denise train your staff will make them a more effective telemarketer and assist you to achieve your goals.  With our in-house highly effective programme for training our telemarketers, we can format this programme so it can be taught to your people.

One thing that is clear to us, is that a good telemarketer has a range of skills and they need a certain mind set. The comment we get alot is that "I am not a Telemarketer" and the phone is not where I function the best, so I will leave that to your people to manage. We also see it a lot in companies, where telemarketing is added to someones role and that they never get around to doing it as they are to "busy." Then of course nobody does it, as everyone is busy and a golden opportunity is missed. Can you afford to miss that oppportunity ? Training is the key here.

Denise can assist you in selecting, who in your company would be the best suited to telemarketing and also what training they need to make them an effective telemarketer. Denise knows an excellent telemarketer when she sees one, trained or not.